"People cooperate with those whom they trust.
And trust to those whom are well aware of "

I want to say a few words about our approach to business,
and maybe you will find out that we have
already lots in common with You.

Erlan Dikhanbaev, Managing Director, STL

Dear partners!

Throughout 14 years as a leading freight forwarding company, we have experienced some challenging times. Despite this, STL has managed to sustain rapid growth, through a clear vision and purpose in delivering world class levels of service to our customers.From the very beginning we have set ourselves a goal of becoming a world class freight forwarding company, aiming to deliver to our customers the same high level of service as international logistics companies.

With this in mind we have opened offices in China, India, UAE and Europe, in order to provide a comprehensive range of import and export services for our clients around the world. Despite the economic downturn we will continue to invest in staff training and development, in order to improve the professional standards of our staff. We will continue to adhere to world’s best practice in order that our clients can enjoy higher levels of service.

As one of the leading companies in the Kazakhstan freight forwarding market, we are keen to provide our clients with a reliable and qualitative service, with an optimum price-for-quality balance. We consider logistics as a critical part of any business – if you deliver the right solutions and work with the right partners, it can help in delivering successful solutions in your own market sector. We aim to deliver transparent and accessible solutions, and we are prepared to go far beyond the simple delivery of cargo, by adding value to your business and become a key partner in your success.

We are focused on building of long-term relationships, we want to be considered as your long term business partner, rather than one of your suppliers. We want to deliver added value services, with transparent pricing strategy so you have a clear picture of the services you are paying for.