Our services

Road transport

Advantages you get from us:

STL offers the best delivery conditions, the best quality of work and competitive prices.

1. We have different types of transport (open platforms, flat platforms, special equipment for oversized goods, refrigerators)

2. Trucks allow to transport ADR cargoes.

3. Consolidation/ Collection services from anywhere in Europe to Kazakhstan  .

4. when consolidating in our warehouse in Europe, we can provide the services of an independent surveyor with a photo and loading act.

5. Cargo inspection is performed at the point of loading and tracked to the final destination.



Air freight

We provide delivery of any air freight from any place in the world.

Extensive experience in the field of air cargo and a wide network of agents in the main airports of the world, allows STL to deliver air cargo "just-in-time", without damage.

We offer the most complete list of local and international services: 

1. delivery of goods in the shortest possible time "from door to door".

2. Air transportation of oversized and heavy cargo  

3. Charter flights to various destinations around the world.


Railways transportation

STL has its own railroad codes in Kazakhstan. 

1. Terminal services

2. Instant calculation of tariffs for Kazakhstan and CIS 


3. Calculation of oversized and oversized cargoes

4. Regular information about the location of your cargo and arrival time at the final destination.




Multimodal transpotation

Our company carries out international transportation that includes various modes of transport - sea, rail and road.

STL is an expert in transporting special equipment: from rolling cargo and oversize to standard, including in special containers:

"Open Top" (open roof), "Flat Rack" ( flat frame for transport of special equipment and oversized cargo).

Cargoes with a specific temperature regime of storage.

Pipes for oil and gas facilities, large quantities of steel for construction, transportation of entire industrial plants.



Project cargo

Oversized and heavy transportation. Project cargo.

Our company has rich experience in delivery of complex equipment to Kazakhstan for oil and gas sector, engineering industry, mining and agriculture. 

1. non-standard, oversized, too heavy,

2. requires special transport conditions,

3. simply extremely urgent.


Customs service

The employees of our company, who have extensive experience in the field of customs clearance, will provide you with qualified consulting services.

1. According to the basic requirements for shipping documents for export-import customs clearance of goods.

2. according to stages of the process of customs clearance of goods.

3. About obtaining certificates of conformity.

4. On obtaining permits from the National Security Committee and permits from other competent authorities.


Verification of trustworthiness

One of the new directions for our company

This service was established due to numerous requests from our customers:

Businessmen from other countries seeking cooperation with companies from Europe, China and Central Asia have sometimes found contacts with potential suppliers through the Internet.

They do not have the opportunity to check on the spot whether there is something behind the so-called supplier (especially in the case of small companies or trading companies) other than a nice website.

In such cases, our representatives can visit the client's office, warehouse or factory on the client's behalf, provide photos, check the country's tax website and so on. This protects the customer from losing money (in case of advance payment, letter of credit) and from reputation damage if the customer resells the goods he wants to buy.